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What Others Say About Tom Nelson

“You Will Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life…”

“I first came to Tom to get in shape for a character I was playing on “That 70’s Show”. The character was a dancer, and I am not, and needed to look like one in 3 weeks. Not only did Tom push and motivate me, but his knowledge of the human body and nutrition completely altered my approach to both diet and exercise. The results, in just 3 weeks, were difficult to believe. I have been a loyal client ever since. Make no mistake, it will hurt, and you may want him to stop pushing you, but in the end you will be in the best shape of your life.”

– Jud Tylor, Actor

Jud Tylor


Muscle Mechanics L.A. Client – John Stewart (Before)


“Best Shape I Can Be” – John Stewart (After)


“Feel Great and Look Better Than Ever”

“As an actor, it is paramount for on-camera talent to be fit and in shape. I had been working out on my own for years with limited results and it was not until I met with Tom Nelson did I see the error of my ways. Following that meeting, I realized that there are so many factors to take into account when striving for peak performance. Muscle Mechanics L.A., with their knowledge, experience and years of training were able to put together an ongoing training and nutritional program that has enhanced my gym performance and everyday life. I have more energy, feel great and look better than ever.  Thanks to Tom and the Muscle Mechanics L.A. program.”

– Alastair Surprise, Actor

“Pounds Came Off So Quickly” – Laura Rowbottom


“Extremely Committed and Passionate”

“Tom Nelson of Muscle Mechanics LA has greatly improved my overall health and well being. He is extremely committed and passionate about his work. Every workout is distinct and highly effective. I can say without a doubt that Tom takes a personal interest in helping me to accomplish my health and fitness goals. If you are serious about getting in shape… Look no further.”

– Albert Khasky, Mortgage Broker / Musician

“First Time In My Life I Enjoyed Exercising” – Julie Dabah


“Quantum Growth”

 “I’ve been training in the gym for almost 20 years. I thought I had it all down and had achieved everything I was going to. Then three years ago, I began working with Tom Nelson and Muscle Mechanics L.A. and saw quantum growth both in my workouts and the results. I’m stronger, more muscular, and leaner than I had thought possible. And ALL of my nagging athletic injuries are gone.  It just goes to show – if you want something done right, go to an expert.”

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– Ben Patrick Johnson, Actor – Novelist – Human Rights Activist

Ben Patrick Johnson


“Professional and Persistent Approach”

“Working as a Creative Director in the hair fashion industry, image is extremely important. So, I searched out a trainer that could create results. In the past 2 years I have gone from being a 44 year old with a pear-shaped body and a pant size of 38 to a 46 year old with a tapered torso and a neat 33 inch waist. I now have the type of body that most 20 year-olds would be proud of!

The transformation of my body has been a journey winch has helped me to become the absolute best that I can be. Thank you Tom, for your professional and persistent approach to my training and for being such a good friend.”

– Christopher Dove, Creative Director