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Muscle Mechanics L.A. is a 3000 sq.ft. Private Fitness Training Facility which caters to quality trainers and their clients.
Services include:
– Fitness Training
– Complete Nutrition Programs
– Supplementation Planning
– Competition Training & Nutrition
– TRX Training
– CPR Certification

– Senior Fitness Training

– Body Fat Testing
All services are offered at fair and competitive rates.
Training and other services are available for everyone. We do not discriminate in any way, shape or form.

Tom Nelson

Fitness Training

Trainer Tom Nelson is the gym’s owner and one of the most sought after trainers in the facility. He has over 30 years experience in fitness-related sciences and has been a full time professional fitness trainer since 2003.
Muscle Mechanics L.A. also has many independent contracting trainers (some of which you can see on the Trainers page), who operate their businesses here.
Business deals and/or transactions made between a trainers and their clients are strictly between those parties. Muscle Mechanics L.A. assumes no responsibility nor liability in these transactions.

Nutritional Programs

Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Tom Nelson offers complete nutritional and supplementation programs as part of his service to his training clients. This service is included in his training fee for his training clients.

Nutritional Programs are also available for people who do not  train with Tom. In fact, he  has performed nutritional and supplementation planning for people as far away as Brazil and Germany!

Competition Training

Tom Nelson has been training bodybuilders, figure, bikini & physique competitors for the past four years. In that time, he has taken five out of six of his male competitors to first place victories in their very first show!

In addition, Tom has trained Overall Winners in both Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Figure competitions in the Southern California area. Tom also entered his first bodybuilding competition during 2010 and won first place in his Men’s Novice Heavyweight Class!

For the total competition experience – Start to Finish – Tom Nelson of Muscle Mechanics L.A. is the person to see!

Senior Fitness Training

Sandi and Jewel are well into their 70’s, but workout like they are much younger. Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Tom Nelson has designed their workout, nutrition and supplementation plans to meet their constantly changing needs. Seniors should weight train regularly to help with general health and quality of life.

Sandi and Jewel discuss fitness technique between sets.

When the trainer’s back is turned…

Body Fat Testing

Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing