Competition Champions

Competition Champions

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Competition Champions

Jeffery Shiflet

Jeffrey Shiflet originally came to me for help with his diet and supplementation programs. I designed his first nutrition and supplementation program in March of 2009, and within a couple of months he reported that his body had never been as tight and shaped as it was right then.

At that time, I evaluated the state of Jeffrey’s health and overall physical condition. We discussed the possibility of him competing in an upcoming bodybuilding contest, which Jeffrey then expressed had always been a dream of his. At the end of July, we began training for the 2009 Tournament of Champions Bodybuilding Championships. We had approximately seven weeks to take Jeffrey from his “looks great for the bedroom” physique to a “walk on-stage and WIN contests” type of physique. In other words, he needed to be ripped! His weak spots needed to be built up and his muscles needed to be significantly harder. This was achieved through a comprehensive plan of nutrition, supplementation, weight training and cardio designed and executed by me and the Muscle Mechanics L.A. Team!

Jeffrey Shiflet entered his FIRST bodybuilding contest ever on September 12, 2009 and WON FIRST PLACE in his Novice Heavyweight Class and was the Overall Novice Winner! He also placed second in his Unlimited Light-Heavyweight Class, which qualified him for a national contest.

Muscle Mechanics L.A. kicked off Jeffrey Shiflet’s bodybuilding career in a matter of months… not years!

Scott Godgluck

Scott had always wanted to compete in bodybuilding contests, but never had the opportunity to do so until he met trainer Tom Nelson of Muscle Mechanics L.A. After six months of intense training and dieting, Scott entered his first contest where he won First Place in his Novice Middleweight Class!

Scott’s hard work and dedication certainly paid off. He also won First Place in his Unlimited Middleweight Class in his second bodybuilding contest. Scott is an excellent competitor and a fine example of the type of work that Muscle Mechanics L.A. is famous for – we don’t train for second place!

Scott Godgluck

Laura Rowbottom

Laura’s original goal was to simply lose weight and firm up. She had been quite an athlete during college, but life in the corporate world has a way of changing all that! After only a few weeks of training with Tom Nelson of Muscle Mechanics L.A. she realized that her goals were being met very quickly and we began seriously discussing the possibility of competing in a Figure Competition.

In December of 2010 – after only five months of training – Laura entered her very first Figure Contest and placed fourth in her Master’s 35+ Class. This prompted her to compete in other contests in which she has had even better results! Laura is living proof that it is never too late to turn your health around.

Pablo Palacios

Pablo hired me to design nutrition and supplementation programs for bodybuilding competitions that he entered in 2009. He trained with a workout partner who pushed him in the gym and adhered to the programs that I designed for him over a six month period. Pablo won First Place in the Novice Middleweight Class in his very first show!

Pablo and I have collaborated on other contests with excellent results and he will probably enter more bodybuilding contests in the coming year!

Pablo Palacios